Can I share any file type?

Yes – can share any media file type within your account. However, please review “What About Digital Rights Management (DRM)” regarding our policy on Copyright laws of music files before sharing to make sure you are in compliance.

How do I delete a document online?

So you no longer need that document file? From the  midocuments tab Hover your mouse over the document Right click on the document  to reveal an options menu Select the Delete option and confirm to remove from your account Note: Deleting a document will remove that item from all Collections andMiDrives it previously belonged to That’s it, your […]

How do I upload a document?

Uploading Documents? From the MiMedia Desktop App:  After installation choose to Skip Wizard & create your own custom upload selection from the “My Sources” tab.  Select your file type for upload – Upload: Documents, Photos, Movies, Music Hover over each file type name to view the list of supported file types. Your selected files will […]