How do I download an item from MiDrive?

Did your aunt put up a great picture of you that’s got “next facebook profile picture” written all over it? Or maybe there’s a family photo destined to be your next phone background. Great, lets start downloading. All you have to do is go to the midrive page, locate and click on the drive you […]

How do I remove friends or family from MiDrive?

Whoops! Invited the wrong Ann to your midrive? Don’t worry, it’ pretty easy to remove someone. All you have to do is go to the midrive page, locate and click on the drive you shared. Once you add members your members list is automatically displayed. Just hover over email address for the member you want to removed […]

How do I invite friends and family to MiDrive?

Let’s get the party started. All you have to do is go to the midrive page, locate the drive you want to share with friends and family From the right side menu, click the double-headed share icon to “Add members” add your email addresses separated by commas, enter your customer message, hit the “Send” button and that’s how […]

How do I remove an item from the MiDrive?

Want to remove a picture or video from your MiDrive? Easy. All you have to do is go to your MiDrive, locate the drive you want to edit, then Right click to display the drop down menu, click “Remove From MiDrive” **PLEASE NOTE** Be careful not to select “Delete” [trashcan icon]  This will not only […]

How do I add photos and videos to MiDrive?

Adding photos and videos to your MiDrive couldn’t be easier! Navigate to your midrive page, find and click on the midrive that you’d like to add items to. Click the up arrow in the upper right to add a new item to the your drive. For any new item you wish to add to your drive from the miphotos or […]

How do I create a MiDrive?

So you want to create a new MiDrive Creating a MiDrive is easy! You are  just a few clicks away from building your own digital media collaboration site with your family and friends. Heres how to get started: Creating a new MiDrive From the MiMedia home page select “Midrive” or click on the upper left drop down menu from any […]

What is the MiDrive?

What is miDrive? MiMedia is excited to introduce you to the miDrive! Midrive is the perfect way to stay digitally connected to the ones you care most about. With the midrive you, your family and friends can create a common webspace where you can collaborate on photo and video albums together. What exactly does that […]