How does securing your files work?

During the upload process, MiMedia encrypts your files over broadband using 128 bit SSL encryption. To prevent data loss, we utilize a highly-reliable and redundant server architecture with enterprise-grade disk drives. Our storage system is also designed to deliver a high-quality access experience by optimizing the delivery of your media to each of your devices. In […]

How secure is my data?

We’d say pretty secure. Imagine MiMedia as sort of a digital fort knox for your data. The security of your data is our top concern. To keep your files as safe as possible, MiMedia is committed to utilizing the highest level of encryption and security available on the market. This commitment is core to our […]

Can anyone else access my data?

Well, only if YOU let someone, because we sure won’t! Security is our top priority here at MiMedia. Direct access to a customer’s personal data can be done through an e-mail address or your social networks like Facebook and Google+. In other words, only someone with the account’s username and password can gain access to your […]