The Bad news: Sorry you can not upload or copy music from your phone/tablet. DRM prevents copying of purchased digital media.

Due to Digital Right Management technologies (DRM) which is set in place by law to protect online copyright infringement, consumers can not make copies of purchased digital media.  So will not have the ability to upload or share any music or videos from your phone.

The Good news: Our MiMedia Desktop App allows you to upload and listen to your iTunes playlist and other music and videos saved on your computer.  

If you haven’t uploaded your iTunes library or other music and videos to the MiMedia cloud then now is the time to get started. You can listen and view your digital media once you’ve uploaded your files.

How does it work?

 Go to How do I install the MiMedia Desktop App?” 

 After the installation go to the “My Sources “tab, check the type of media for Upload: Photos, Movies, Music, Documents. We”ll check movies & music for this example,. Locate and check your media folders for upload . Select “Apply” to make a custom selection. Your files will start to upload.

Once the upload is complete, log into your online account to listen or view you media files from anywhere.