Logging into the web app for the first time

You’ll be taken to your Home screen, where you are introduced to all the of our cool web app features, Uploading, Media Types, Collections and MiDrive with a short slide animation.

Don’t worry, you can easily switch to the next feature by clicking Next button or dismiss the Intro by clicking the X_icon button. Once the intro is completed, you’ll be taken right back to Home screen.

First time uploads of Photos, Videos and Music

Ready to get start uploading your photos, videos or music page, the slide show is there to guide you on the methods to “Start uploading photos, videos and music!”

Access additional FTE Tooltips from any upload page

  1. How to access your Account menu, change your avitar, set your data plan or download other
  2. Click the upload button to add media from your computer, apps, and social networks
  3. Change the size of your photos
  4. Sorting your photos by date taken or date added
  5. When hovering over a photo click the check icon to select it, or the heart icon to favorite it

Automatic Uploads

Allows you to download and install the MiMedia Desktop App

Social Channels

Click the upload button to automatically add media from your favorite social channels

Remember, once your familiar with all our features you can easily turn off FTE Tooltips by clicking the  “Don’t show me tips”.