Adding  to a collection is easy and you can do it at anytime! To create a collection, go to a photo or videos page you wish to use or include in your collection. Then:

Drag Seletion Method

Using the drag method, click then drag your mouse to the last item you want to include. Release the mouse, notice the selected items all have checkmarks in the upper right hand corner of the image.

Single or Multi-Select Method

Hovering over the image or file type, notice the upper right corner of the image has a  “checkmark” icon. Click the image to select a single item or multiple files in whatever order you wish.

In the upper section of the window, a horizontal menu bar automatically drops down with several options. Depress the “Add to Collection” link. The “Select or Create Collection” window appears.

If you wish to add to an already existing “Collection” select its name then click the “Add” button. Otherwise, click the “New Collection Name” to type the name of your choice. Click the “+” button, doing so adds the new name in the “Collections” list. While it is highlighted, click the “Add” button.

Successfully adding items to a collection displays a message with the number of items and the “Collection” to which it has been added in the upper right corner of the window.