So Let’s Get Started!

Installing the MiMedia Desktop application is easy.

First, make sure your’e at the computer where you’d like to install MiMedia, next you must create an account, so go to, click “Signup” in the upper right where you’ll be taken to our signup page. Enter your Full name and email address, then click “Join”. You’ll be taken to your brand new MiMedia account home page.

For your  first time signing in to your new account you’ll see a “Download the desktop app” in the upper right of the screen. Select it to install the app.

If you missed that screen, no worries just hover over your avatar and select Account. On the miaccount page top menu select Apps. Scroll down to the page bottom and select “Install the Desktop App” to begin the download.

Once the download is complete follow the application prompts to set up our app on your desktop.

Note: Once your account is set up, you can log in from you mobile device to install our mobile apps. So you’ll have MiMedia everywhere you need it to be.