Can I create Collections from the mobile app?

You sure can! Collections are groups of photos and videos that you can share with your friends Log in to your mobile device with your preferred log-in method. iOS and Android: From the Home tab select Collections, to be taken to micollections: Tap Create a New Collection for first time or the + in the upper right […]

How long does it take to upload a file?

Uploading a new file, how long will it take? The time that it takes to upload a file varies from user to user. This is because the time required to upload depends entirely upon two things: the size of the file and your Internet connection.  Uploading using our desktop application is the preferred method The […]

Can I add music to a collection?

Upload music from the Desktop app & Web Portal Desktop App: Select the My Sources tab to locate your iTunes folder or any folder with stored music for automatic uploads. MiMedia Web Portal: From the mimusic page elect the Upload arrow upper right corner to upload a music file from your desktop to your online account.

How do I delete a collection?

How do you delete a collection? Deleting an entire Collection requires a few simple steps. From the Home page, or depending on where you are in the site, click on the “Home” icon. It’s a little house icon that you can’t miss it in the upper left corner of the page, click on the down triangle to show the […]

Can I edit my Collection?

Collections are a fun way to organize your media, and we’re continuing to improve this area. There are some edits that you can currently make to Collections now, and we’re working on even more! How to Change the Name of the Collection: Perhaps “Summer” wasn’t a detailed enough title for that collection? Understandable.  Your collection […]

Can I share a collection?

Can you share a Collection? But of course! From the main page of your account, click the “Collections” link to be brought to those images making up that Collection. In the upper right corner of the page, notice a “right facing” arrow icon. This is the “Share” icon. Click the “Share” icon to open the […]

How do I remove content from a collection?

Removing media from your collections Collections are an important way to organize your media, and so it only makes sense that we make media removal as easy as possible. Part of organizing means knowing when to delete the old and bring in the new. So if Its time for some spring cleaning delete those older, […]

Can I add music to a collection?

Can your collection hold music too? Not yet. However, we do plan to roll out this feature soon. So keep you eyes peeled and ears alert!  

How do I create a collection?

What’s a Collection and how do you create one? Collections are groups of photos, videos and other content that you want to group together – like a digital photo album. Have great pictures from a friend’s wedding, your child’s birthday or that trip from last summer? A Collection is the perfect place to store everything […]