Getting Started

What file types are supported by MiMedia?

MiMedia supports all of the most popular file types Image files: JPG (.jpg) JPEG (.jpeg) PNG (.png) TIF (.tif) TIFF (.tiff) GIF (.gif) BMP (.bmp) MPO Video files: MP4 MPEG MP1 MP2 MOV (Quicktime) WMV (Windows Media Video) AVI MKV M4V FLV 3GP WEBM Audio files: MP3 AAC Application files: DOC DOCX XLS XLSX PPT […]

How do I sign up for MiMedia from my Android phone or tablet?

Sign up is oh so easy. Once you have downloaded the MiMedia app from the GooglePlay store,  the first screen you will see is the “Sign in” screen. If you do not have an account with MiMedia yet simply click the “Sign Up” button located on the bottom center of the screen. At this screen […]

What operating systems does MiMedia support?

MiMedia supports Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 desktop operating systems.  We also support Mac OS. Linux OS  is not supported for our desktop app. Linux is supported through our preferred browsers – (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE).

How do I create my Avatar?

Looking to create your MiMedia online alter ego? It’s simple. Just hover over the avatar and select Account. Hover over the avatar again on the right to view and select Edit. Now you can “Choose your avatar” from your Photo’s, Collections or from your MiDrive.  Click on the selected photo to re-size and re-position. Now just select “Set […]

How do I log in to my MiMedia account via the Mobile App?

Ok! So you have downloaded the MiMedia app on to your mobile device, now what? First things first, now that you have access to MiMedia you will need to sign into your account. Simply open the MiMedia app on you phone and the first page you will be presented with is the “Sign In” screen. […]

Does MiMedia automatically upload files I have changed?

MiMedia will only monitor and automatically update any changes you make to your files IF you used the MiMedia desktop app to upload that content. The MiMedia desktop app is designed to upload files and folders then monitor to recognize any changes. If you’ve uploaded your files via Drag and Drop or the Browser Uploader, […]

How do I upload videos?

Have a new video that you’re anxious to backup? Well MiMedia’s here to help with that! We have two very simple methods of uploading Your computer: Simply save your videos to the folders that you’ve pre-selected for backup by Mimedia. Mimedia will automatically upload the video to your mivideos page online. Mobile Device: Open your […]

How do I upload photos?

Uploading Photos?       There are  three simple options to upload photos: From the MiMedia Desktop App:  After installation choose to Skip Wizard & create your own custom upload selection from the “My Sources” tab.  Select your file type for upload – Upload: Photos, Movies, Music, Documents.   Hover over each file type name to view […]

What if I forgot my password?

Retrieving your password? Can’t recall the last few digits at the end of your password? Who’s birthday did you use again? No worries here, should you forget or lose your password we’ve got a few easy steps so you can change it. So keep calm and retrieve that password. Go to the site Click […]