Retrieving your password?

Can’t recall the last few digits at the end of your password? Who’s birthday did you use again? No worries here, should you forget or lose your password we’ve got a few easy steps so you can change it. So keep calm and retrieve that password.

  1. Go to the site
  2. Click on the “Log In” link (here is the direct link)
  3. Under the “Email” and “Password” boxes to the right, click on the “Forgot?” link. If you don’t see the Forgot link then click the link above “Already have an account? Log in!
  4. A prompt  will ask for your registered e-mail address
  5. Type the e-mail and hit the “Reset” button
  6. Go to your email inbox, and there  will be an email from us. If you don’t see the Reset Password email in your inbox always check your spam/junk folders to see if it wound up there. We suggest that you bookmark MiMedia so you’ll always receive our emails to your inbox.
  7. Follow the simple instructions by clicking on the “Reset Password” box in the e-mail provided by the “
  8. You will be brought to the “Reset Your Password” page
  9. Enter the new password and confirm its spelling by typing in the “Confirm Password” box
  10. Hit “Reset Password” and that’s that.  Mission accomplished.