Why yes, of course! MiMedia allows you to upload as many items as you want at one time! Hey, you can even mix  it up if you’d like. Upload 2 videos, several pictures and a song.  You can upload all file types (i.e. videos, pictures, music, etc.) within the upload.

All you have to do is to save your items on your computer to folders that were selected in your original desktop setup and they will automatically upload  to your online account based on file type.

To add new folders simply

Create your new folder on your computer and add your files

– Open the  MiMedia Desktop App

-Select My Sources

-Find the new folder and make sure to check it so that files will automatically upload each time new files are saved to the folder

You can also create a new folder from within the MiMedia app if needed

– Open the MiMedia Desktop App

-Select My Sources

– Select Add folder, browse to the location you like to place the new folder in, then right click, scroll down to new/ folder then name your new folder, it’s already checked in the Mimedia app. So all you have to do is click apply to save your changes. Now each time you save files to this folder on your computer they will automatically upload  your content  online.