How do upload music?

Desktop App: Select the My Sources tab to locate your iTunes folder or any folder with stored music for automatic uploads. MiMedia Web Portal: From the mimusic page select the Upload arrow upper right corner to upload a music file or folder from your desktop to your online account.  

How do I upload Photos and Videos from my Android device?

Uploading content such as photos and videos (documents coming soon!) to your MiMedia account using our new Mobile app has never been easier. There are two ways to do this: Automatic Upload You can set your phone to automatically upload photos and videos as they are taken with your phone: – From your Settings page, […]

Why can’t I find Photos that I uploaded?

Can’t find the picture you just uploaded? No need to worry, there are two possible causes – it isn’t finished uploading yet, or you may be looking in the wrong place. When will my photo be available? Most photos take only a moment to upload. However, this experience can vary from user to user depending […]

Does MiMedia support WebDAV or FTP

Unfortunately, we do not support the utilization of WebDav or FTP protocols at this time.  We’re always working on ways to improve our service and functionality.  We’ll update this post if this feature becomes available.

Does MiMedia automatically upload files I have changed?

MiMedia will only monitor and automatically update any changes you make to your files IF you used the MiMedia desktop app to upload that content. The MiMedia desktop app is designed to upload files and folders then monitor to recognize any changes. If you’ve uploaded your files via Drag and Drop or the Browser Uploader, […]

Can I upload items from different Computer, Drive or Devices?

Absolutely! We all have precious memories stored all over the place – multiple cell phones, tablets, email addresses, hard drives, laptops – you name it! That was the reason we launched this new product in the first place. Everyone has data all over the place without a central place to store it that it also a […]

How will I know when my file is uploaded?

Upload victory, how you will know Most photos take only a moment to upload. However, this experience can vary from user to user depending on the size of the file and the user’s Internet connection speed. If the upload hasn’t completed yet, give it a moment and you may see it soon. If you’re sure […]

How long does it take to upload a file?

Uploading a new file, how long will it take? The time that it takes to upload a file varies from user to user. This is because the time required to upload depends entirely upon two things: the size of the file and your Internet connection.  Uploading using our desktop application is the preferred method The […]

Where can I see Information related to my Photo?

You can easily view the information related to of any of your photos! – Click on any photo — it will appear in full-screen mode – Click the “i” icon on the left side of the page — the Information box will expand showing all information related to your photo Note: We’re currently working to […]