Upload victory, how you will know

Most photos take only a moment to upload. However, this experience can vary from user to user depending on the size of the file and the user’s Internet connection speed. If the upload hasn’t completed yet, give it a moment and you may see it soon. If you’re sure it’s uploaded but you can’t find it, see the other option below

There are two basic ways to tell if a file has been uploaded successfully to your account.

Upload Notification:

You will see a notification box in the upper right-hand corner of the MiMedia screen for every file that has been successfully uploaded.

Manual Confirmation:

To manually confirm that a file has successfully uploaded, simply go to the appropriate page for that file type (i.e. if you’re uploading your vacation photos, navigate to the Photos page within MiMedia). From here, all of your media of that specific file type will be displayed, including the item(s) you’ve just uploaded.

(Note: Sometimes larger files take longer to upload, which also depends upon your broadband connection speed. If you don’t see a new item right away, please be patient, as it may appear in another moment or so.)

When your photo migrates:

We know that people don’t always upload pictures on the day that they’re taken. For that reason (and to make it easier to find later) we sort the photos you upload by the date that the photo was taken, not by the date it was uploaded to MiMedia. If you’ve just uploaded a picture from your cousin’s wedding five years ago, and now you can’t find it, you may not be looking far enough back in your history on the Photos page.

Sometimes, the metadata for a photo is changed as it moves from your camera to your computer to your mobile, etc. If this has occurred, then it’s likely your photo brought with it the date that the picture was last modified on your computer. This is something that happens outside of MiMedia and unfortunately not something that we can control. You may want to do a quick browse through your Photos page to see if it’s landed on another date.