Sharing your videos is easy and fun – just follow these simple steps!

Hover over, then select the video(s) you wish to share. The screen will then display a pulldown horizontal bar containing six options from the top of your screen. Select the “Share” link or option. The “Share this item via e-mail” window appears.

Type the e-mail address(es) of the recipients you wish to share the video with. If there are multiple recipients, separate each e-mail address by a comma. To personalize a message enter your comment in the “Edit custom message” box. Click the “Send” button.

NOTE: Let the person(s), to whom you are sending the shared item with, know to check their SPAM filter should it not be in their e-mail clients “Inbox”.

The email sent will have a link (“Click here to see more!”) which will enable the recipient(s) to preview the photo. The recipient can download the photo by clicking the “Download” button on the bottom right-hand side of the preview window.

Sharing Video via Social Media:

When a video(s) has been selected from the Photos portal, and the “Share” link clicked, the social media option allows for multiple followers to see.

Under the “Social Share” section, you can click on the “Facebook” or “Twitter” icons to post the desired files to your designated accounts. A link containing the items is posted for all to see.  With just a click of the link family, friends, associates, and followers can check out your photos.
From this “miShare” section, the option to download the file(s) is easily accomplished with a right-click to “save” it to their local computers.