How do I share my Photo (from the web portal)?

Sharing your photos is a breeze with MiMedia! Share Photo via Email: Hover over, and then select the photos(s) you wish to share. Next, the screen will display a pulldown horizontal bar showing six options from the top of your screen. Select the “Share” link or option. The “Share this item via e-mail” window appears. […]

How do I post my Photos and Videos to my social networks?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. So why not post it to your social network You can post your photos and videos to Facebook and Twitter. We are working to add new social networks to our list. We’ll keep you posted (pun) add they are added. Go to the miphotos or mivideos. Select the photo or video […]

Once you share a file, can I cancel file sharing?

Unfortunately (for now), once you share a file via our customized email, it cannot be “un-shared”.  So try making a definite decision about whether or not you want to share a file, before you hit send. WORKAROUND: rename shared file so there is no longer any access to it. However, if you’ve selected a file […]

What about Digital Rights Managment (DRM)?

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a copy protection system that limits access to files. It is used to keep users from copying music and videos and distributing files illegally. In conjunction with Government Laws, MiMedia does not support playback or sharing of DRM-protected music or video files. Please review our Terms and Conditions for […]

How do I share a video?

Sharing your videos is easy and fun – just follow these simple steps! Hover over, then select the video(s) you wish to share. The screen will then display a pulldown horizontal bar containing six options from the top of your screen. Select the “Share” link or option. The “Share this item via e-mail” window appears. […]

Can I share any file type?

Yes – can share any media file type within your account. However, please review “What About Digital Rights Management (DRM)” regarding our policy on Copyright laws of music files before sharing to make sure you are in compliance.

How do I share Photos?

Sharing our digital memories is a key part of everyday millennial life. Mimedia is here to help with just that activity. So, that’s why we have made sharing with the MiMedia app as easy as possible. Single Photo Share Select Photos from the navigation bar. From the miphoto page select the photo you wish to […]

How do I invite friends and family to MiDrive?

Let’s get the party started. All you have to do is go to the midrive page, locate the drive you want to share with friends and family From the right side menu, click the double-headed share icon to “Add members” add your email addresses separated by commas, enter your customer message, hit the “Send” button and that’s how […]

Can I share a collection?

Can you share a Collection? But of course! From the main page of your account, click the “Collections” link to be brought to those images making up that Collection. In the upper right corner of the page, notice a “right facing” arrow icon. This is the “Share” icon. Click the “Share” icon to open the […]

Can I share my account with others?

The short answer, yes! Full access to your account (and its content) can only be done using your login credentials (i.e. username and password or social media accounts). For a better user experience and to ensure your security, we strongly recommend against sharing this information with anyone else. However, you can share your great content […]