Can I share any file type?

Yes – can share any media file type within your account. However, please review “What About Digital Rights Management (DRM)” regarding our policy on Copyright laws of music files before sharing to make sure you are in compliance.

Can I upload multiple files at once?

Why yes, of course! MiMedia allows you to upload as many items as you want at one time! Hey, you can even mix  it up if you’d like. Upload 2 videos, several pictures and a song.  You can upload all file types (i.e. videos, pictures, music, etc.) within the upload. All you have to do […]

How do I install the MiMedia Desktop App?

So Let’s Get Started! Installing the MiMedia Desktop application is easy. First, make sure your’e at the computer where you’d like to install MiMedia, next you must create an account, so go to, click “Signup” in the upper right where you’ll be taken to our signup page. Enter your Full name and email address, then click “Join”. […]

Is there a file size limitation?

Presently, there is a 5 GB single file size limit. What does that mean? Well, no single video, picture nor document can exceed 5 Gigabytes in total size when uploading to your account. We’re thinking of new and better ways to serve you everyday, so all efforts to add new features and abilities are being incorporated with […]

How do I upload videos?

Have a new video that you’re anxious to backup? Well MiMedia’s here to help with that! We have two very simple methods of uploading Your computer: Simply save your videos to the folders that you’ve pre-selected for backup by Mimedia. Mimedia will automatically upload the video to your mivideos page online. Mobile Device: Open your […]