Need to locate those photos from your uncle’s bbq? Well you can do just that with the use of a tag! Instead of combing through hundreds of pictures, how tedious, you can just search for the tag you’ve labeled them under, like bbq.  MiMedia makes Tagging your photos easy! Tagging your photos will help you to more easily find photos, group similar photos together and enhance your search capabilities. Want to see photos from all of your beach vacations at one time? Search for the Tag you saved them under (i.e. beach, summer, vacation, etc.).

To Tag a Photo:

– Click on the photo that you wish to Tag — the photo will appear full-screen on your screen

– On the left, click the “i” button (the Information button) — a box will swing out from the left side of the screen

– Click “Add Tag” — a cursor will appear inside the Tag box

– Type the name of the Tag that you wish to add and hit “Enter” — the Tag you entered will appear, and another Tag box will appear, in case you want to add another.

You can add as many Tags to a picture as you want!

To Search for a Tag:

– Click the “i” button of a photo that has a Tag that you want to search on (i.e. you click into a beach vacation photo to find all photos with similar Tags)

– Click on the Tag you want to search on (i.e. “Summer”) — You will be taken to the MiTags screen, where all photos with the same Tag (i.e. “Summer”) will appear.

(NOTE: MiMedia is working hard to continue to improve our Tagging capabilities – keep an eye out for updates!)