How do I favorite a Photo?

Favoriting a photo is easy, and it can be another way to find your most treasured memories fast. To Favorite a Photo: – Go to the photo you want to Favorite and hover over it — you will see a heart icon appear in the lower right-hand corner. – Click the heart icon — the […]

What is Tagging and how do I use it?

Need to locate those photos from your uncle’s bbq? Well you can do just that with the use of a tag! Instead of combing through hundreds of pictures, how tedious, you can just search for the tag you’ve labeled them under, like bbq.  MiMedia makes Tagging your photos easy! Tagging your photos will help you […]

How do I download Photos

Downloading Photos While your photos are stored securely on our servers, we understand that you may want to download them to one (or more) of your devices for accessibility offline. MiMedia makes it easy to do just that: Download a Single Photo: From the Home or Photos miphotos page – Hover your mouse over the […]

Can I share any file type?

Yes – can share any media file type within your account. However, please review “What About Digital Rights Management (DRM)” regarding our policy on Copyright laws of music files before sharing to make sure you are in compliance.

Can I upload multiple files at once?

Why yes, of course! MiMedia allows you to upload as many items as you want at one time! Hey, you can even mix  it up if you’d like. Upload 2 videos, several pictures and a song.  You can upload all file types (i.e. videos, pictures, music, etc.) within the upload. All you have to do […]

How do I delete Photos?

Decided that picture with the terrible lighting isn’t worth storing? Well then, photo-be-gone! You can delete it in a few simple steps: – From the Home or Photos miphotos page – Hover your mouse over the photo and right click to reveal an options menu, select the Delete option and confirm to remove from your […]

How do I share Photos?

Sharing our digital memories is a key part of everyday millennial life. Mimedia is here to help with just that activity. So, that’s why we have made sharing with the MiMedia app as easy as possible. Single Photo Share Select Photos from the navigation bar. From the miphoto page select the photo you wish to […]

How can I view my Photos?

Ready to view those vacation photos? You can go to your online account from your browser or mobile app then, select “Photos: from the navigation bar to view your photos. From the top navigation, next to miphotos, you can select the year, to view photos categorized by year.  Select a year, then a month, then […]

Is there a file size limitation?

Presently, there is a 5 GB single file size limit. What does that mean? Well, no single video, picture nor document can exceed 5 Gigabytes in total size when uploading to your account. We’re thinking of new and better ways to serve you everyday, so all efforts to add new features and abilities are being incorporated with […]

How do I upload photos?

Uploading Photos?       There are  three simple options to upload photos: From the MiMedia Desktop App:  After installation choose to Skip Wizard & create your own custom upload selection from the “My Sources” tab.  Select your file type for upload – Upload: Photos, Movies, Music, Documents.   Hover over each file type name to view […]